I offer a number of presentations for genealogical societies. If you’re interested in having me present for your local genealogical society, contact me.

Ways to Effectively Organize Your Family History

While some people struggle to find information about any of their ancestors, other people can be overwhelmed by how much information they’ve found in their own family tree. One issue some family historians face that prevents them from writing their family history is struggling to find an efficient way to organize all of the information they’ve found on their ancestors. Many people have notable ancestors who are documented in hundreds of records. Some genealogists have even been able to track their family trees back over 1,000 years. How does one begin to organize such a wealth of information? In this presentation, I’ll look at a variety of methods that can be used to neatly organize your family history.

Incorporating Multiple Voices in Your Family’s Narratives

There are a number of challenges that you may encounter when writing about your ancestors,such as how to gain your reader’s attention and maintain their interest, how to include contextual information related to an ancestor without detracting from the focus of a person’s life story, and how to establish a consistent writing tone and style. In this presentation, I’ll share with you the method I’ve designed to overcome these obstacles. You will learn how the incorporation of writing blocks, or different color-coded modes of text, can brilliantly allow you to juxtapose different types of information and writing styles on a single page without confusing the reader.

Creative Ways to Write About Your Ancestors

This presentation explores ways of putting together a diverse, impressive, and well organized chronicle of family history. Using my own work as an example, I will show you creative ways of finding more information to write about your ancestors’ lives, how to effectively include visuals in your work, and how to neatly organize your family history. I will also discuss how to create thought-provoking chapter introductions, as well as how do design creative graphical family trees.

Folktales from Norra Solberga and Linderås Parishes

Over the course of researching my Swedish ancestors, I learned a number of interesting things that occurred in the parishes they lived. In this presentation I’ll share a number of amusing stories that took place in Norra Solberga, the parish my direct-paternal third-great-grandfather Sven Hög grew up,as well as a few folktales that were told throughout Linderås, the parish he lived as an adult. During this presentation you’ll hear stories of what it was like to attend Norra Solberga Chrch in the 19th Century, drunken peasants, and public executions, as well as folktales on trolls and witches.